A Big Year for Feld Group Institute Learning & Development

Developing Next Generation Leaders

The Feld Group Institute provides training, mentoring and comprehensive support to help companies achieve IT-enabled business transformation. What makes our leadership programs different is that they are built on both decades of practical experience and the latest thought leadership from experienced operating practitioners.

Our Capstone

For Technology Leadership Development (TLD), 2018 was a year of significant milestones. We ran three classes with 51 graduates, bringing our TLD Alumni total to 100. Over the summer, we enhanced the TLD curriculum to include more hands-on activities, as well as opportunities to learn from past participants and the always-evolving insights our practitioners are learning and developing with our clients. A key evolution happened this Fall: we welcomed, to the program, our first team of business/IT leaders who work together on a daily basis. They came to class together and learned shared mental models and frameworks to enhance their ongoing teamwork. We hope this trend will continue in future classes.

Expanded Offerings

In order to reach leaders at different stages of their career, or with various areas of deep focus, we are expanding our programs. Our newest class, Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture (EA), focuses on the belief that the dialogue about enterprise architecture must now take place at the highest levels—including a strategic focus incorporating both business and technical outcomes. Launched in May, the three-day program is designed for Enterprise Architects, Leaders of Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio/Domain Architects, and Business Architects. Based on the success of the first class, we offered a second class in October. In just our first year, we had 41 graduates of the EA program.

Custom Leadership Programs

In addition to our open enrollment programs, we also collaborated with clients to co-create a learning agenda that leverages the Institute’s frameworks and applies the key principles to the client’s situation. In one case, we worked with a TLD graduate to create a three-day class bringing together both IT and business leaders. The joint leadership team came away with a shared context and language to address multi-year business, architecture and productivity outcomes.

2018 Success

Our accomplishments would not be possible without the continued support from our Feld Group Institute Affiliates, distinguished colleagues, and partner ecosystem. Every day of every class, these individuals pass along and share first-hand knowledge of how transformations should be planned, led and executed.

Thank You

We owe a debt of gratitude to our graduates. As we approach 2019, we will place a particular emphasis on fostering the alumni community – ensuring that our graduates see tremendous ongoing value in being part of, and collaborating with, the growing community of next-generation leaders.

Author: Meredith Sasser, Feld Group Affiliate
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