Virtual Operationalizing Business Architecture (BA3)

The focus of many “digital” transformations is to create sense-and-respond flexibility — agility — in the context of a business strategy. This allows organizations to capitalize on changing market opportunities and deliver the business outcomes/results needed.
But, many teams do not have a structure to turn strategy into an aligned, cross-functional transformation plan. Companies fall into typical traps — strategies cascade into siloed executional plans…gravitational pull of project-thinking, etc. — that plague these transformations. The key is to translate what you want (business outcomes) into a target architecture that gives you clear priorities, trade-offs, and build sequencing. A critical piece of this effort is Business Architecture.
Our Operationalizing Business Architecture program is a team-based learning experience that lays the foundation of Business Architecture while leveraging the principles and learnings of the Feld Group Institute’s Transformation Framework. With class instruction and team counseling, participants will establish/advance key artifacts providing an actionable starting point for Business Architecture. Company-specific coaching sessions create additional context for positioning and selling the Business Architecture discipline to the broader organization.
Here’s what recent graduates had to say about this program:
  • “This is a practical skills class – something I am always looking for, but can’t find. So much better than just a lecture series. I am walking away with not just knowledge, but tools and skills I can immediately implement.”
  • “The coaching sessions help to mediate internal discussions and ensure the team stays on track with the homework. Having the ability to talk things through as I took the theory from class and applied it to my organization was critical to having a better understanding and getting the information to stick with me.”
  • “This is the first time I’ve had a class that laid out a plan from top to bottom, including all the factors that it takes to be successful. Many times the Economics and Organizational pieces are not discussed. Technically, we all hear what Modern looks like but many ignore the Legacy that is still alive and well.”


Nov 11 2021


Central Time
7:30 am - 1:00 pm

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