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Business and IT organizations are finding themselves at a critical inflection point in leading technology-enabled transformation. Senior IT leaders today are expected to understand business models and functional business issues, while their business counterparts are expected to be versed in technology, architectures, and the solutions available to resolve the issues. Charlie Feld predicted this convergence of workflows and roles over ten years ago when he published Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide To IT-Enabled Business Transformation.

As these organizational borders open, leaders must step outside their traditional roles and work cooperatively to set a vision for the future, build great teams, and deliver with consistency. They must also be personally committed to their professional development to learn how to effectively communicate the future vision throughout the enterprise and create a network of game changers. There has never been a more important time to develop these skills than today.

The Feld Group Institute

At The Feld Group Institute, we know that the right leadership is key to effective business transformation. We are committed to fostering leadership development and the skills necessary for senior level leaders to be successful in today’s large, complex, legacy-based enterprises and ensure the relevance of their organizations in the next decade. We believe it is critical to grow leaders who can anticipate change and operate in an environment of accelerated innovation.

Sharing Our Experiences

To cultivate the leadership skills that are necessary in today’s competitive environment, The Feld Group Institute offers leadership development programs, team alignment workshops, and advisory services to meet the needs of clients wherever they may be on their transformation journey. Our team of deeply experienced CIOs, CTOs, industry experts, and managerial strategists work with clients to share decades of real-world experience along with guiding principles and a proven transformation framework to assist leaders in envisioning change through planning and execution.

We are committed to the success of leaders who attend our programs and their development does not stop when class ends. We communicate regularly with clients and are planning new and creative ways to support leaders along their journey. We continuously evolve our leadership development programs, Technology Leadership Development (TLD) and Operationalizing Enterprise Architecture (EA), and participants receive updates specifically for their communities. In addition, existing and potential clients receive communications to keep them briefed on information we hope they will find useful, such as:

  • Thought provoking posts about leadership and transformation
  • Information about upcoming classes and programs
  • Updates about publications
  • Invitations to relevant events and forums

We have broadened our web presence to keep clients informed about our programs and services along with additional information about The Feld Group Institute. You can also keep up with us on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

At The Feld Group Institute, our goal is to expand a community of leadership and create a significant, deep, and lasting impact on the organizations we work with as they transform. We believe by working together we can increase success and remove risk with complex technology enabled business transformations.

Author: Jon Feld, COO, Principal
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